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If you’re serious about poker, and the kind of player who watches all the big tournaments and follows the progress of the pros, there’s probably one question that dogs you – how can I be poker champion?

The TV show ‘Record Breakers’ had it right with its theme tune: “If you wanna be the best, if you want to beat the rest, dedication’s what you need.”

And what better way to dedicate hours of practice to poker than by playing online?

It can’t have failed to escape your attention that many of the up-and-coming poker champions gained their experience online, some of them by playing solely in online casinos.

It all depends on your attitude. Some players see online poker as a bit of fun, a way to pass the time, and are happy if they win the odd pot. Others take things much more seriously, seeing online poker as a stepping stone to a career as a poker pro.

Take the latest and youngest-ever winner of the World Series of Poker. Annette Obrestad won £1 million at the European leg of the WSOP held in London in September 2007. Annette, from Norway, was just 18 at the time and defeated some established poker pros. She has been playing poker at online casinos since the age of fifteen and must have put in a lot of poker hours over the years to reach this standard of play at such a tender age.

One of the most encouraging parts of Annette’s story is that she got started by entering freeroll tournaments – free to enter, yet with cash prizes. In this way she built up a bankroll that allowed her to keep winning. Annette Obrestad is now a poker celebrity and appears at all the major tournaments.

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You need to release or redeem or unlock them. In other words you need to play for a certain amount of money in order to receive the bonus. Nonetheless a good bonus system is your safety net and an effective weapon against the house edge.

I’m not going to go into details concerning the rules of different casino and card-games here, ( check our corresponding sections for those) but I will tell you one thing: you’d better learn these rules thoroughly before you play for real money.

Unlike online casinos, online poker rooms will have you wage your little war against other online players like yourself, instead of the house. You’ll all pay for the opportunity to use the room’s software and its support ( plus a whole bunch of other facilities) via the rake.

The rake is a small percentage of the pot taken by the house, before a winner is granted his pot. It is usually rather insignificant on every single hand, though with thousands of hands played every day, it’ll reach huge sums. The rake is something you’ll need to take into consideration, when devising your poker strategy, as it has the potential to turn a winner into a loser.

Online sportsbooks work pretty much the same way land based ones do only they’re accessible at the click of a mouse and offer tons of useful information regarding sports betting. You’ll be able to shop around for lines, before placing your bet, and get your handicapping into shape with the live information feed and scores you’ll find

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